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Welcome to the official website of  renowned guitar player Merlin Smith. Here you will find Tabs, videos and other musical works by the 'Ragtime Guitar Wizard'. 

Merlin Smith is a distinguished guitarist who has garnered acclaim for his exceptional work on the music of Scott Joplin. He has skillfully built upon the legacy of renowned guitarists such as John Knowles, Chet Atkins, and Richard Smith to create a distinctive sound that is uniquely his own. His celebrated series, 'Merlin Smith Plays Scott Joplin', is a testament to his unwavering commitment to meticulously working through the entire repertoire of the legendary composer.

He also continues to transpose pieces by James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Artie Matthews and other prominent Ragtime figures from the 20th century in a bid to accurately re-imagine the joy that is Ragtime music for the acoustic guitar. 

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